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As you can imagine, Republic Media receives hundreds of requests from worthwhile organizations each year to support their efforts. These guidelines are meant to assist organizations in understanding our charitable priorities. Generally, Republic Media does not consider unsolicited requests for cash sponsorships or financial contributions. With limited resources, we primarily focus our financial contributions through grants awarded by our annual Season for Sharing campaign.

We are open to opportunities with nonprofit and community organizations for in-kind media sponsorships. Events or eprograms should provide strategic recognition benefits to generate sales and complement our corporate marketing strategies with a substantial amount of high-quality exposure and traffic.




Republic Media values our in-kind assets and it is our expectation to receive an equal sponsorship level recognition for our contribution as financial contribution. We prefer to review one annual request per organization that includes all opportunities for support. We require a completed application for support at least eight (8) weeks in advance of the start date of the program or event. We typically review proposals within 10 business days of receipt and will provide a response within 30 days.

We prefer to align our partnerships with organizations or programs in Maricopa County that support our philanthropic focuses of helping the most vulnerable or under-served in the following areas:


  • Children & Families: Programs that meet the basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, safety and wellbeing) of low income children, families and older adults.

  • Education: Programs that improve, enhance or promote excellence in K – 12 public, secondary and adult education and work force development.

  • Domestic Violence: Preventative and supportive programs that support victims of domestic violence and child abuse.

In general, we are unable to support requests for the following:

  • Behavioral or Mental Health organizations

  • Organizations that primarily support a specific disease or illness or whose primary mission is funding medical or scientific research.

  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, marital status, age, disability, or veteran status.

  • Religious organizations, churches and programs that are purely denominational in purpose.

  • Sports teams or sporting programs or programs that are primarily recreational in purpose.

  • Start-up organizations as defined as a nonprofit organization whose ruling year has been granted by the IRS for less than three years.

  • Competitions, beauty pageants or talent contests.

  • Conferences, seminars or conventions.
As a partner, Republic Media requires the audience to not only know that we are a sponsor, but also to learn something about Republic Media, its services and its products including The Arizona Republic and We prefer to support opportunities that have the following sponsorship benefits:


  • Lead generation and direct marketing opportunities with the potential to increase readership, circulation, website page views and advertising revenue.
  • Opportunity for utilization of Republic Media products (direct mail, custom publishing, digital marketing solutions, ticket sales hosting)
  • Exclusive content generation including results, interviews or news coverage (live footage, scores, statistics via text, photos, live streaming video, etc.)
  • On-site presence with banners, table or opportunity to provide event emcee or event panelist
  • Subscriber and client hospitality elements include tickets, tables, membership discounts, reader contests, VIP access and special amenities.
  • Cause Marketing opportunities for Republic Media’s Season for Sharing annual fundraising campaign.
  • Nonprofit status of applying organization.
  • Event alignment with Republic Media’s charitable mission and alignment with philanthropic goals.
  • Event relevance and alignment to The Arizona Republic and readers and subscribers.
  • Event target audience and its size.
  • Event timing within the year. Republic Media can only sponsor a limited number of events per month.
  • Event category/type. Republic Media seeks to sponsor as broad a range of events as possible

To send a request for in-kind media partnership, please complete the application below:

In-Kind Media Sponsorships are determined by the following criteria:




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